Football Dummies

Do you want football accessories to improve your technique? Come and see all our football training dummies. Inflatable dummies, flexible free kick dummies and folding dummies, there is football equipment for all tastes!

Free kick dummy, a must for your football training sessions.

The football dummies will be perfect and indispensable for your football training sessions. You will lead your team to victory by being decisive in free kicks. As a coach, you should know your players and, above all, you should have at least one free-kick taker. These training aids will be useful for:

  • your defensive drills: individual marking
  • developing your dribbling technique
  • specific exercises for goalkeepers: clearing the ball
  • working on ball handling with slalom exercises,
  • trajectories

When learning technical aspects, you need material to imagine a real game situation. For curling the ball, for example, fictitious footballs will be perfect! The curved shot will pass through the free-kick barrier. And if the shooter misses, instead of ending up in the net, the ball will crash into the dummy. Taking a free kick during your football training will become fun and your players will become formidable attackers.

Learn how to take a free kick quickly

You will become an efficient set-piece striker. The free kick dummy can be used on all surfaces of the football pitch. Outside the area, the dummies are placed (instead of the defenders) and direct and indirect free kicks are taken, to work on different aspects of the same exercise. By repeating the shots, your players will surprise the opposing team, and especially the goalkeeper, who will not expect to be shot out of the box.

After learning how to shoot over the free-kick dummies, you will have to learn how to outwit the goalkeepers! Because it's one thing to know how to shoot over the dummies and another to score a goal. You must find the middle ground between the centre of the goal and the post and crossbar.

Quality football training equipment

The dummies take the biggest hits and are essential for practising free kicks. The aim is not to shoot.

You will work on free kicks with the set of 3 sturdy football dummies made of PVC material. The springs in the legs allow optimal flexibility and absorb the impact with the ball. The dummy is UV-treated for long-lasting use and its yellow colour allows you to use it for training on football pitches without intense lighting. The height of the dummy is 1.80 m and the width is 0.60 cm.

Kick training with a dummy

From kick-off, show the opposing team your skill level and that you know how to play with the ball.

Set pieces in football are important because they can make it easier to score a goal. Between the free kick, penalty and corner, your attacking team can improve to become the best team in the league. Outside the penalty area, set up your training gear, pick up balls and practice as often as you need to. Kicking will no longer be a secret for you. In addition to the dummies, place real defenders on the field for added difficulty! Scoring is very important in this sport, to be solid!

Inflatable dummies: for all pitches

High quality inflatable football dummies guarantee excellent performance. The base must be filled with water to be able to stand upright and, above all, not to fall over (the equipment will stand up again, even after a big hit) and the upper part must be inflated. A funnel is provided to facilitate filling the base. The optional pump will help to inflate the manikin quickly. Once inflated and the base filled, the dummy will return to the upright position after impact with the ball. The inflatable dummy can be used for many training exercises.

There are two sizes available to add difficulty to the free throw wall, you can choose a 1.8 or 2.05 metre inflatable dummy. Ideal if you are training children. If you want to save money, and have a cheap free kick dummy, get the set of 3, because individually they will be cheaper.

Free kick kit for planting on the ground

Here are the different models of free kick training wall to work on set pieces:

For natural playing ground: grass

If you don't have a lot of money this year and still want football equipment for your club, come and discover our range of cheap football dummies! The "soccer wall" are foldable dummies, made of fabric, which are placed on slalom bars (they adapt to all diameters, because of the Velcro system).

For synthetic grass

For synthetic or indoor turf: it is possible to use specific equipment: a self-fitted rubber base is available as an option. A small tip for the bases, they are designed for Netsportique dummies, it is a football equipment pack, if you use dummies from elsewhere, they may not fit.

In addition, as an option, the inevitable steel trolley that can hold up to 5 dummies will facilitate transport with two wheels and optimise storage.

Kit of 3 flexible and collapsible free-standing mannequins

Discover also the lightweight polyester mannequin, sold as a set of 3. It is very easy to store and does not take up space because it folds up. It attaches to an optional slalom pole, making you a better dribbler! This accessory is indispensable for training both young and old and can be used on all court surfaces. The professional training dummy is easy to insert on soft surfaces, such as grass, thanks to its four steel spikes.

What are the advantages of having a football dummy?

First, you will be able to work efficiently and intensively on your free kicks, during your matches, you will be able to put on a show and score incredible goals! The assistant referee will only be able to validate your set-piece goal. The fans will be amazed. As a player, you'll want to work on your free kick, you'll be able to score goals with ease and, who knows, become the best goal scorer. Playing with the ball will become child's play, your opponents will have a hard time.

Our dummy models are suitable for everyone and will be indispensable for working on your playing tactics. Vary your drills and perfect your technique with this essential football training accessory. Need the equipment quickly? No problem, our delivery service is very fast. All our football dummies are on our premises, and will be ready in less than 24 hours, so be aware that for an order of more than 75€ the delivery is free of charge!