Football Dummies

Football Dummies

Multiply Your Defence!

Poor turnout at football practise? Not a problem! Line up our inflatable or static defenders to stimulate an authentic match experience for your players.

Dummy defenders

Choose from our range of inflatable, bounce-back dummies, static free kick defenders or slalom soccer walls to train agility, coordination and footwork.

Inflatable Defenders are ideal for any level due to their bounce-back ability as well as their crampon resistant material making them safe for use by younger players. With the availability of two height sizes, you can select the defender appropriate for your team’s age range.

Anti-UV treated material and weather resistant plastic means these defenders are durable and reliable; they won’t give up on the game! With side handles and water/sand fill bases for stability, their ease of movement makes them as practical as they are helpful.

Free-kick defenders are great if you’re looking for quick free kick practise as they’re very easy to set up and can be transported anywhere with the aid of their transport bag meaning practise can resume at home or in the park!

Slalom soccer walls are a great, affordable alternative to use for slalom dribbling and are perfect for use on any kind of terrain; natural lawn, synthetic pitches or indoors.

If you’re in need of inspiration for what you can do with defenders, go check out our blogwhere we’ve already come up with tons of ways they can get the most out of your team and your football training session.