Are you a passionate coach, a football club president or a golf manager, and you want to attract a new audience? Netsportique has the new trend for you: FOOTGOLF! Here you will find quality, innovative and varied equipment; to diversify your horizons.

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Footgolf or golf foot, what is it?

Footgolf is a clever mix: half football, half golf, with a predominance for golf. It is mainly played on a golf course, but thanks to the targets to be set, it can be played on a football pitch. The principle is to get the football into the holes (or targets), and to finish the course, with as few shots as possible. It is the rules of golf that prevail.

Created in 2009 in the Netherlands, this is a trend that only grows with the years! The International Footgolf Association (IFGA) was created in 2012, and the UKFGA (UK Footgolf Association) was created in 2012 as well as the first tournament in the UK. Now there are more than 3500 members (officially) and thousands of other players who have discovered this new sport.

Every year more and more golf courses join the UK Golf Federation and offer Golf Foot courses.

Who can play there? Anyone can play! Golfers or non-golfers who enjoy new sensations. It's a fun activity, which is played outdoors, in a calm and green setting. You can play it to relax and enjoy the course, to train, or for competition for those who want to test their skills! It is a unifying sport, companies really appreciate team building on the golf courses, colleagues get to know each other during the activity, and after work over a drink or a meal.

It is also a fun activity to do with family or friends: an original and fun outing!

How to train to play golf football?

As far as football clubs are concerned, it must be said that playing golf is not the first idea of an activity to learn new skills. But make no mistake! Playing football golf allows you to create a lot of exercises:

  • You can do an initiation during your training sessions with our kit of 3 targets, with the aim of learning how to gauge your strikes to reach the target as efficiently as possible.
  • You can make competitions between your players, or tournaments between your teams.
  • Or why not have a championship at the end of the year with your whole sports club?
  • In teams, we alternate the player who shoots, the goal being to finish the football circuit as quickly as possible, no matter how many shots you take!
  • Once the targets have been set, you can use them to make a slalom.

Playing footgolf for your athletes can be an advantage:

  • You must be precise: the ball touch will be improved!
  • Gauge your strength, know how to shoot hard to get as close as possible to the target, and finish smoothly to get the ball into the target.

Golf in the UK has a reputation for attracting rather elderly people. Modernising your golf club would help to attract a new, younger clientele. This new clientele will have a snowball effect: they will talk about it to their family, friends, and advertise to you.

Golf in UK is not just for golfers, it is also a moment of sharing during the activity, and afterwards in the golf facilities: over a drink or a meal. Attracting "non-golfers" will not only increase your attendance rate but will also allow you to make additional sales in your bar/restaurant. A football team that comes to do its end of the year activity, it is not only the entries on the course, it is the possibility for them to stay for a drink and a meal, this part is not negligible and even very interesting.

All the necessary equipment for the new trend: Foot Golf.

The advantage with this sport is that it doesn't require a lot of sports equipment: targets from 1 to 10 depending on what you want, and a football. Moreover, our products are placed directly on the ground, no need to dig into your course to make the holes, you just need to install the targets, create the course and you can play straight away!

In this category, you will find a variation of 3 products: FOOT GOLF TARGET KIT WITH BASE AND FLAG

Believe us, our products are of high quality and we are the only ones to offer this innovation. And finally, it's quick to install.

A target is composed of:

  • A metal structure
  • Fibreglass flag pole
  • The foam base (which replaces the hole)
  • The flag (numbered for kits of 3 and kit of 10 targets)

Even if it is windy, the base remains on the ground and the flag stays upright.

Footgolf is a real sporting practice, in full expansion! With our targets, you can add a little fun to your training, or create a course in your golf club. Don't wait any longer, invest in quality sports equipment.

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