Whether you are a member of a Futsal club or a member of a Football club and therefore an occasional Futsal player, it is sometimes difficult for you to find quality Futsal football equipment. As Netsportique is concerned with meeting the needs of all sportsmen and women - even in the least representative sports of the majority - we offer you a range of quality Futsal equipment, at an unbeatable price!

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FUTSAL GOAL: the essentials for playing

Indoor football equipment or indoor football

Whether you are a Futsal club or the manager of a public or private indoor structure, do not neglect the importance of your football equipment and more particularly your Futsal goals! So that your players can have a great time in their quest for victory, Netsportique offers you several futsal goals at the best price on the market! Whether they are made of steel or aluminium, to be anchored or transportable, everyone will be able to find what they need!

Indoor football tournament: which goals to buy?

The quality and success of a tournament lies in its good organisation. And in order to have a good organisation, all the participants must have the best sports equipment at their disposal! And by all the protagonists, we obviously mean the volunteers or the club employees who work at the scoreboard, the referees, the players and the coaches.

Netsportique will be able to offer you all types of equipment to delight all the participants of your tournament.

Which futsal balls and indoor football goals to choose?

For the optimal practice of Futsal, you should choose size 3 balls for children and size 4 for adults. Futsal is always played with a smaller ball than 11-a-side football and slightly more deflated to promote control and speed up the game by avoiding untimely bounces.

100% durable Futsal goals for indoor play

If your club has its own gym, and the only use of it is for Futsal, then you can order Futsal goals to be anchored, which you can leave in place all year round. The best is the 3m x 2m steel Futsal goal which is the strongest and most solid on the market!

However, if you have a multi-sports school gymnasium for example, which also hosts other sports such as climbing, gymnastics, badminton, basketball etc. throughout the year, then it is necessary to have transportable goals. We have the perfect goal for this purpose, the transportable aluminium Futsal goal 3 metres x 2 metres. Why choose aluminium instead of steel in this case? Aluminium is lighter than steel, so it is easier to transport. And it doesn't lose strength thanks to the steel joints in the corners!

We also have transportable steel and aluminium futsal goals that can be socketed outside because aluminium does not rust. You can even divert the goals from their original purpose if you need to!

What is Futsal, how is it different?

Futsal takes its inspiration from Latin America and more specifically from Brazil where it was created. The essence of the sport lies in its etymology, which can be translated as "football in the living room". Its main characteristic is that football is played on a considerably smaller field, on a hard floor and indoors.

But don't tell a Futsal player that their favourite sport is played in the same way as 11-a-side football. Indeed, everything is done to make the game much faster, whether it is the technical aspects or the game, or the equipment used.

For example, throw-ins are made with the foot and not with the hand, within a regulation time of 3 seconds after having put the ball on the ground. There is a need for more high intensity running, and matches often end with high scores, which makes the sport very dynamic. We use size 4 balls, deliberately slightly deflated to favour ball control and to avoid the ball running away from us because of its rebounds, as well as Futsal shoes with rubber for a better ball control.

Therefore Futsal is a sport and why it is important to be well equipped for football in order to enjoy it as much as possible but also to reduce the risk of injury.

Futsal rules and training: what are the specifics?

Futsal is played on a pitch 38 to 40 metres long and 20 to 25 metres wide with goals measuring 3 metres x 2 metres with preferably round posts! Many halls have handball goals with square posts, but Netsportique offers you goals with round posts, approved and up to competition standards.

As well as the ball which is smaller than in 11-a-side football with a circumference of 62 to 64 centimetres (size 4) and must be made of leather or any other material that offers that characteristic bounce!

The game is also completely different, a player needs to be trained in cardio as well as technique, coordination and alertness! Therefore Netsportique offers a wide range of field accessories to provide high quality training to your players, who will be able to approach the level of the very best Futsal players!

Futsal goal net 3x2: the top of the futsal equipment!

To be even better than last season, opt for our ultra-resistant 3x2 futsal goal nets! Whether it's for transportable or sealed futsal goals, in steel or aluminium, there's something for everyone! All our nets match the goals we sell. Thanks to all our products, whether at half-time or at the end of the match, you are sure to put the opposing goalkeeper to shame by scoring the first goal of the game! The goal sense of your players will be so sharp that you can score as many goals as you want. The aluminium futsal goals will resist to the hits of your futsal players. Our futsal equipment will allow you to work and progress in good conditions during your training sessions.

The players will no longer stagnate because you will be able to offer them appropriate and varied content during the training sessions. Indoor football is special, that's why you need the right equipment to practice your favourite sport in the best conditions. Netsportique offers you the possibility to buy a pair of futsal goals with the appropriate posts and the necessary net. Don't worry, you can also benefit from a very fast delivery service thanks to our delivery service which will allow you to enjoy your equipment very quickly. All our products are available on our online shop, the indoor football goals will have no more secrets for you! The goals scored with your footballs will give victory to your team!

Finally, whatever your use and your practice of Futsal, contribute to develop this wonderful sport and show the best possible image of Futsal by equipping yourself with the best prices on the market and with the best equipment. You will find satisfaction to your needs with our category specialized in Futsal!

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