Player change board

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Ref : FA012
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✅ Essential equipment for all soccer clubs
✅ Makes player changes incredibly easy
✅ Designer equipment that can be seen from afar
✅ Referees, coaches, presidents of sports clubs: this equipment is made for you!
✅ Fast delivery: 3 working days!


Player changes during soccer matches have never been easier than with this magnificent Netsportique player change panel!

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5.0 (2 avis)
  • Aurélie Picardin
    lun. 29 nov. 2021
    (translated from French) Very good product, a gadget to be sure, but it's a great way to show off on the pitch during official matches :-)
  • André Bonnet
    jeu. 4 nov. 2021
    (translated from French) This product is more than enough for amateur clubs, there's no need to go overboard with electronic leds.
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