Sports Skip/Cargo Nets

Do you need to transport heavy and bulky goods for your private or business trips? Your trailer or tipper is doing its share of the work but are afraid of putting yourself or other motorists at risk on the road. Don't be afraid of endangering yourself or other motorists thanks to the Netsportique car safety nets. And transporting your equipment from point A to point B has become easy with these trailer nets at very attractive prices!

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Safe transport of your equipment with a protective net for the skip

Trailer and tipper nets are indispensable for the transport of your equipment. Between the risk of your goods being stolen or falling and endangering road users, you should not hesitate to secure your trailers with the Netsportique trailer barrier safety net. Even your fullest trailers are safe because these safety nets guarantee the safety of your equipment. An elastic rope is supplied with the trailer net to ensure optimum safety of the fixings. The solid mesh size is 50mm with a thickness of 3mm. This green car or truck trailer net will hold your entire trailer and is available in various sizes:

Your equipment is guaranteed to be protected against all situations. And because our customers' expenses are not to be taken lightly, we offer these safety nets at the best market prices.

Choice of size for your car safety net

Product quality is the number one objective of the Netsportique teams! Our protective nets for skips are always therefore designed to ensure your safety. It is this aspect that will allow you to be serene during each of your trips.

The thickness and size of the mesh of our truck safety nets always ensures resistance and durability. This is what will make the difference in terms of quality. Tools, materials and other green waste will no longer risk clogging up your yards, garages or the roadway.

To meet your needs, our skip nets are available in several different sizes:

  • 2.4 x 1.5 m, which is perfect for a trailer or a car-drawn skip for your small equipment.
  • 4.5 x 2.7 m for intermediate sized equipment
  • 5.5 x 3.6 m and 7.3 x 3.6 m for larger trailers or trucks, to safely transport your high-volume equipment

No more headaches and unnecessary risks during your journeys, by opting for Netsportique car or truck safety nets you will ensure optimum safety during each of your journeys to transport bulky equipment. The prices are very low, so take advantage of it!

Discover also our ball protection nets to enjoy them at home or in your sports club.

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