Sports Perimeter Nets

Safety is essential today, Netsportique teams are committed to providing you with equipment that meets European standards and, above all, guarantees the safety of all users throughout the life of the product. Don't worry about this and come and take advantage of our wide range of ball protection nets.

Present in the category of our safety nets, the ball protection nets will be a precious help in the practice of your sport, and above all at the best prices on the market!

Ball protection net for private use, for the garden, for children

No one has the same space in their garden as on the sports fields. It is therefore not uncommon for our children's ball to escape from this space and endanger road users or simply your children who will go and get the ball back. The same goes for the famous ball that annoys your neighbours.

It is the role of the safety net to prevent all these dangerous and risky situations from happening. For optimum safety during play or training in the garden, use the ball safety net so that your children can have fun in complete safety in your garden.

We emphasise the robustness and strength of our safety net barriers as a guarantee for the safety of your garden. Our ball netting has a very strong mesh, which is also a promise of durability.

Choose several mesh sizes according to the sport you will practice every day, and above all the choice between different colours for even more fun!

The price of the ball safety net is quite simply different from others because Netsportique offers you these ball safety nets at the best prices on the market. Netsportique is concerned about customer satisfaction and is committed to offering quality products while respecting everyone's budget.

Netsportique is committed to customer satisfaction and to offering quality products within budget.

To enable you to practice your favourite sport in the best possible way, we offer you our ball protection nets at very competitive prices. These safety nets will blend in perfectly with your pitches, for perfect safety during your matches and training sessions.

For the practice of Tennis, we have ball protection nets with an adapted mesh size of 48 x 48 mm. To prevent balls from leaving the court unintentionally, the ball protection net is essential! The black colour always allows discretion. Our inexpensive tennis ball protection nets are available in two sizes:

It is also not uncommon at the time of goal kicks that many shots are out of the pitch and players must go and fetch their ball far outside the stadium grounds. In order to improve the performance of your teams and players even more, and to optimise your training time, choose our ball protection nets, which are ideal for Football, Handball and Volleyball.

The mesh size is much larger than for Tennis, here it will be 145 x 145 mm, and this will ensure that the ball does not leave the court. Many professionals use these ball protection nets to optimise their stadiums. Depending on your needs, we can provide you with different sizes of barrier nets ranging from 3 metres to 6 metres.

Avoid your children or players getting tired of having to go and get their ball back, by opting for Netsportique ball protection nets at the best prices. Pleasure, fun and performance will be the key words for your next training sessions. Whether you are at home on the terrace or in the garden, you will not be disappointed by the safety offered by the ball protection net!

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