Gymnastic Rings plastic

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  • Gymnastics rings made of durable plastic
  • 28 mm thick
  • 23 cm diameter
  • Total strap length (with buckle): 4.5 m
  • Load capacity: 260 kg
  • Allows you to do gymnastic figures or strength training
  • Easy to install, just go around a bar and fix in the loop.
  • Height adjustable depending on the exercises you want to do.

Some warnings for your safety:

  • Do not leave outdoors!
  • Make sure there is enough room around you before you start
  • Always check that the buckles are closed properly

Product description

One of the basic tools for gymnastics and weight training. The rings are made of durable ABS plastic. The load capacity of the rings is up to 260 kg so you can hang without fear. Exercising with the rings allows you to make your whole body more flexible, to strengthen the deep muscles of your body and to increase your strength.

These features make the rings ideal for use in your home, gym, or outdoors.

It is not recommended to leave the rings outside, as adverse weather conditions can deteriorate their quality, and become dangerous.

Warning: only one person at a time can use the rings. Make sure you have enough space around you to perform tricks safely. Have a mat underneath the rings to prevent falls, which can happen, from injuring yourself.

Remember to buy chalk for a better grip!

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