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Sled with steering wheel for children and adults

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Two seater sled, for children AND adults! Maximum load is 120 kg. Sled with steering wheel to change direction easily. One of the best selling models in EUROPE

  • Sizes: 98 × 56 × 28 cm
  • Weight: 3.95 kg
  • From 3 years old
  • Maximum load: 120 kg
  • Possibility for 2 people
  • EN 71 standards Safety of toys

Product description


Which sled to buy for adults, children or babies?

This robust sled is designed for children as well as adults! You can even go with 2 people easily. The maximum load is 120 kilos.

The most popular flying sleds in Europe.

There are very few sleds that can support the weight of an adult, so take advantage of this!



Easier transfer with the retractable tow rope. Who hasn't experienced the problem of extra rope getting under the sled during a run and getting soaked afterwards... No problem! The retractable strap will fit into the sled when not in use.


Snap-in mechanism. No screws, no corrosion. For transport, some parts may come loose, but the sled is not damaged.


Solid brake with spring, so that the handle returns to its initial position. On both sides of the sled, for more safety.


2-seater sled: guaranteed thrills

DIFFERENTIAL STEERING SYSTEM, the steering wheel is connected to a ski under the sled, which allows you to be faster in the turns. On powder snow, you will be able to turn very easily thanks to the steering wheel.

The advantage of a 2-seater sled with a brake is that you are heavier, and the heavier you are, the faster and further you go!

It's not the cheapest sled, but it's a great quality sled that will last for years!

Sledding has never been so much fun!

Stratos = safety

1 - MASSIVE BRAKE: reduces braking distance

2 - DEFORMATION ZONE: slows down the fall in case of a head-on collision

3 - ANTI-SLIP PARTS: for a safer seat

4 - NO METAL ELEMENTS: or sharp edges


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