How To Choose Your Football Goal?

How To Choose Your Football Goal?

With such a wide range of football goals to choose from, it can easily become a puzzling task to identify the best suited to your needs. Follow our guide to help decide the perfect football goal for you!

Our FGM47 foldable goal

The ideal model for any homeowner wanting to save time, space and hassle with their football goal. Foldable goals are both easy and practical in allowing customers to set up their goal in minutes. This new wave of goals is gaining popularity for both their ease of use and durability allowing them to be left outside without risk of degrading.

Which material to go with?

Upon browsing different types of goals, it can appear unclear as to why a certain material might be worth investing in and how it could influence your game play. Setting your price range and knowing the use for your goal can help filter your selection and streamline your search.

In the case of our mini football goals that are tailored specifically for children’s use, the frame of the goal is purposefully designed with lightweight and weather resistant fibreglass to provide a goal that is resistant to being left outside as well as easy to transport. This goal is designed with low-stress use.

PVC Goals: worth the investment?

Becoming increasingly popular, PVC goals are the affordable alternative in creating a professional football experience. Easy and quick to set up with the help of clips, these goals will stand the test of time and use thanks to their reinforced structure that includes ultra-durable tubes.

With a transport bag included, carrying your sports equipment is easier than ever to allow you to carry cones, balls and vests with you to training.

Questions to think about

If you’re struggling to decide on your choice of football goal, try asking yourself the following questions:

Am I going to be using this goal for high or low stress use? For high stress, it might be more cost-effective to invest in a more durable PVC goal that will stand the test of time and wear such as our FGM32. For low stress use, there’s more freedom in choosing a lower priced goal that you can transport easily for intermittent playing such as our POP UP children’s goals

Will I be leaving it outside for long periods of time? If you’re likely to be playing with your goal occasionally and leaving it in your garden as a permanent fixture, it is wise to consider a more resistant frame even for children’s use to ensure maximum durability. See our foldable steel goals as an example

What is my budget? Narrowing your budget allows you to then prioritise what you need in a goal be it ease of transport, assembly or durability.

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