Set of 6 hurdles 20cm Self Return with carrying bag

Ref : TA242345

Set of 6 "self return" training hurdles, 6 hurdles of the same size,designed not to overturn. The hurdles return automatically to their upright position once they have been overturned.

Height at your choice (ATTENTION: 6 hurdles of the same height) :

  • 20 cm
  • 25 cm
  • 30 cm
  • 35 cm

Bag included, ideal for moving them around easily. It is possible to buy several kits to vary the heights and intensify the exercises.


Product description


Hurdles with automatic "stand up" function

A unique hurdle that is so balanced that it always returns to its original position after falling over. It is made of high quality PVC plastic, which greatly reduces the weight and is therefore easy to use. The hurdle is not only suitable for training players, but also for fitness training. The "Self Return" hurdle is available in different sizes from 25 to 30 cm for greater variability in the difficulty of the training. The weight of the individual hurdles varies from 860 g to 900 g. The width of the hurdles is 710 mm


User reviews

2 review(s)

Megan M.
ven. 5 novembre 2021
Good product overall
Eve k.
jeu. 17 février 2022
very good training equipment.

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