PATENTED Soccer wall - collapsible mannequin - blue/white

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Ref : TA160BWU
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Soccer Wall - Football Dummy - Football Training Ref. TA160

    This Soccer Wall is the ideal football training equipment - this versatile tool allows you to practice endless different football skills. Use these football dummies as defenders to perfect your dribbling, create a wall to improve your free kick accuracy and position them to enhance your passing skills.
      Great for speed drills and agility training as well - these dummies can be incorporated into many drills. They can be used on natural lawn, synthetic pitches and indoors, wherever you may train. Very easy to store and quick to set up - get training in seconds!
      • Width: 50 cm
      • Height: 150 cm
      • Material: mesh


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4.6 (5 avis)
  • Alexis Berthod
    ven. 18 nov. 2022
    (translated from French) Good training product, but delivery was poor
  • Sarah Blanque
    mer. 15 juin 2022
    (translated from French) A good idea to vary handball drills and it's practical to include all players in the drill, without needing to put any on defense.
  • Raphaël Leblanc
    mer. 23 mars 2022
    (translated from French) It's a really good quality product! It really lets you vary your exercises, which is a blessing for a trainer!
  • Katarina Eberhardt
    jeu. 20 janv. 2022
    (translated from French) We're often on the lookout for defensive dummies for handball training, and it's not always easy to find them, but here they are! And they look fun too!
  • Mohamed Y
    mar. 25 mai 2021
    (translated from French) Great for dribbling in handball training, highly recommended, stable and easy to install.
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