Winbreak “PRO” 12 x 2m – printing < 60% (Austronet 204) WB204SL

Ref : WB204SL

The ideal tennis windbreak panel for your tennis court including advertising print up to 60% coverage

  • Material: High Density Polyethylene
  • Protection against wind and unfavourable weather conditions
  • Mesh size: 2 x 1 mm - ideal air permeability and fire resistant (B1)
  • Weight: 200g/ m2
  • Standard size: 12 x 2m (length x height)
  • Perfect material for printing - note there is a surcharge of £30.99 for WHITE printing
  • Reinforced edges - brass eyelets at 50 cm intervals
  • Carabiner hook for attachment included

    In order to ensure a quick order processing, we ask you to adhere strictly to the following information about our guidelines in prepress. This allows us to quickly and reliably achieve the best print result for you.


    To send your print design and if you have any further questions, please contact us by email at or on +44 (0) 330 822 0209

Product description

For logo proposals, we accept designs in the following format only: PDF Adobe Portable Document Format (Print PDF). Data in the form of Word, Publisher, Powerpoint and other Microsoft Office programs, as well as created PDF files is unsuitable. We do not work with open data (InDesign).

Please note:

  • 1:10 scale files are preferable.
  • Please remove any unnecessary pages, elements in your document and convert all fonts to curves or paths.
  • Deliver all large-scale gradients as pixel files using surface fils only (no contours)

PDFs failing to comply with these requests cannot guarantee faultless printing so we ask you to carefully check your data before sending to us.

The customer is responsible for the accuracy (format, resolution, color) of the print data provided to us. Print data created in RGB, HKS or Pantone will be converted to CMYK for digital printing so please be aware of potential for colour changes with these. Pay attention to deactivated overpressure function.

Incidental work time for graphics re-processing is charged to us as part of an expense allowance. The processed print data is only created for our production in-house and is not forwarded for any other use thus we are not obliged to archive this print data.

Please take note of the following guidelines:

A design proposal for printing is only created when ordering from us is confirmed.

If we do not receive finished print data (= finished layout laid out to correct size), but only individual logos to set ourselves, a supplementary charge of £39.99 will automatically be applied. Processing of logos is only carried out after our review and will be charged according to the actual expenditure.

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