Tennis Windbreaks

Do you want to protect your tennis court from the wind? Would you also like to find a way to showcase the various sponsors who believe in you year after year? Discover our wide range of tennis equipment, our windbreaker nets for your courts or gardens. All sizes available: adapt to your courts. 100% customisable to print the logo of your club or your sponsors. Or you can customise it with your club's logo or that of your sponsors.

Everything can be modified to meet your requirements and make your tennis court a pleasant place to perform even more. So, don't wait any longer, Netsportique is the place to be!

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Windbreaks for your tennis court

When talking about tennis courts, it is impossible not to mention the indispensable need for windbreakers for tennis courts. It is a product that is simply indispensable because it allows you to protect your court from outside view in the form of a windbreaker, but also to protect it from the vagaries of the weather, in particular from the wind which can sometimes blow very hard and spoil the good performance of a match or training session. It is also a good way to carefully delimit your pitch.

So, whether you want to dress up your tennis court backgrounds or separate and delimit your courts, you will inevitably need sturdy and durable windbreak nets to combine efficiency, safety and performance! The Netsportique teams offer you a wide range of high-quality windbreaker nets at the best prices on the market. These windbreakers are of course tested in real-life difficult weather conditions, and we guarantee the durability of the products we sell.

100% resistant and UV-treated windbreak nets

We are very concerned about the quality we offer you throughout the year. We are therefore extremely careful to offer you sports equipment to dress your pitches that complies with FFT regulations. For this reason, our nets are equipped with a thick and very solid mesh. The resistance and robustness of our nets are therefore absolutely guaranteed, and this considerably increases their lifespan.

Our nets are also equipped with anti-UV technology, which makes them resistant to the sun. There is no risk of the net crumbling over time under the UV rays of the sun. Once again, this is a sure sign of quality, as all professionals can attest! Our nets therefore protect against both wind and sun for twice the safety and performance! This range is reinforced by a sewn band which makes the net much stronger than a simple classic braid.

We offer you a range of tennis windbreak nets in 3 different sizes:

Customisable tennis windbreaks for your club

Sponsorship represents a significant part of a club's budget during the season. Whether in the amateur or professional world, all clubs need money to survive and above all to buy the equipment they need to practice their favourite sport. It is therefore very important to return the equipment to these companies who partly finance the club's investments. Therefore, we wanted to give you this opportunity by being able to customize your windbreaker nets with the logo of your partner companies.

It is also possible to put the logo, a slogan, or the colours of your club to reinforce the image of the club, creating a real brand image with a clear visual identity. In this way club members, volunteers and supporters will have that feeling of belonging to your club. It is therefore an essential and indispensable element to put your club or partners in the spotlight. You can choose between two models:

Don't forget also that our tennis court windbreaker nets are available at Netsportique in a multitude of different colours for maximum variety of pleasures! No less than 15 different colours await you in our online shop, so don't hesitate to equip yourself with professional quality equipment!

Window cover for playing tennis at home

Are your children or grandchildren fans of racket sports? Help them to train in conditions close to what is done in the world of professional tennis. Delimit your garden or courtyard so as not to disturb your neighbours. Our windbreaker nets adapt perfectly to the size of your court and are also very practical for collecting balls.

Keep in mind that this is a long-term investment because the durability of our court windbreaker nets is well proven thanks to the strength and quality that ensures long term performance. The mesh is reinforced, and UV treated so that no deterioration can be seen over time. And of course, the personalisation of our shading nets is an essential and flagship element! Contact us on +33 (0) 3 67 10 30 60 for more information.

No doubt that our windbreaker nets will delight your licensees and turn your sports facilities into the perfect playground! Count on Netsportique's materials and expertise to equip your tennis courts. Trust us also for delivery, we offer you an extremely fast delivery service so that you can enjoy your Tennis equipment as quickly as possible!

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