Golf foot: an original activity worth trying out!

A veritable phenomenon, footgolf attracts new enthusiasts every year. Halfway between soccer and golf, this unusual sporting activity requires precision, power and concentration. Accessible to all, footgolf can be played on beautiful golf courses or on soccer pitches. Discover this fun and original sport and give it a try!

What is footgolf?

Footgolf is a precision sport played outdoors on a golf or soccer course. Like a footballer, the aim of each player is to kick a soccer ball into the various holes (or targets) scattered around courses that can cover several hectares. The holes are, of course, larger than those for a golf ball, measuring around 55 centimetres in diameter.

In competitions, as with traditional golfers, the aim is to finish the course with as few strokes as possible to win. As with any golfer, the first shot requires power. Precision, technique and concentration are then required to play golf foot. Created in the Netherlands in 2009, footgolf in France is attracting a growing number of players.

The game is now governed internationally by the Footgolf Association (IFGA), and nationally by the Association Française de FootGolf (AFFG). The AFFG was founded in 2013 and organizes a number of competitions, from leisure tournaments to the French championships. The AFFG now has over 5,000 members and some thirty clubs across France. You'll find footgolf clubs in Reims, Orleans, Nice and Marseille, for example. There are also footgolf clubs in Strasbourg, Lyon, Nantes and Paris.

Who can play footgolf?

Footgolf has the advantage of being accessible to everyone! Whatever your age or level of soccer or golf, it's a fun and original activity that can be enjoyed with family or friends. Footgolf has something for everyone, whether you're interested in discovering a fun new sport for leisure or competition.

What's more, footgolf can be played in the open air, either on a soccer pitch or in the calm, green setting of a golf course. This activity is also very popular with companies looking for a surprising team-building solution to encourage cohesion among their staff. Footgolf is also often played by soccer club members as part of end-of-season training sessions. In addition to its unifying effect, this sport is an excellent way to work on the precision of short passes and long play .

The complete footgolf kit

Footgolf requires very little equipment. To play footgolf, all you need is a soccer and several targets with numbered flags (if you can't dig holes on the course). Each target is fitted with a metal structure to keep it on the ground, whatever the weather conditions. To make golf foot easy for you, we offer complete quality kits including a transportable target and flag.

Available individually, these kits are also available in sets of 3 or 10 footgolf targets. A fast-growing sporting activity, footgolf is fun and accessible to all. Just a few targets and flags are all you need for easy practice, whether on a golf course or a soccer pitch. Find out more about footgolf at one of the many Association Française de FootGolf clubs throughout France!

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