Let's talk soccer! Soccer glossary

Soccer glossary: everything you need to know

Winger: player positioned on the left or right wing in the formation.

Amorti: control of the ball as it rushes past.

Full-back: defender positioned on the sides of the formation.

Stop: movement by the goalkeeper to stop the ball in its tracks.

Stoppage time: periods of stoppage time counted and added by the referee in additional time.

Forward-center: central attacker.

Bicycle: a very famous variant of the overhead volley.

Armband: captain's emblem worn on the left arm.

Goal: net-covered cage protected by the goalkeeper.

Frame: shots that reach the goal area.

Cards: penalties awarded to players who commit a foul.

Center: passes from 2 sides towards the penalty area.

Control: cushion.

Corner: a kick taken from one of the corners of the opponent's pitch.

Hat-trick: when a player scores a hat-trick in the same match.

Free kick: a quick pass, shot or penalty taken after an opponent's foul.

Dribble: to monopolize the ball with your feet and finesse.

Clear the ball: move the ball away from the penalty area.

Outside: strike with the outside of the foot for effect.

Foot 5: soccer match involving two teams of 5 players.

Formation: tactics designating who goes where and who is going to do what.

Frappe enroulée: curved shot to avoid certain obstacles.

Futsal: similar to soccer, played by 5 players in a hall.

Goalkeeper: player responsible for protecting the goal.

Grand pont: sending the ball into the void, rounding the opponent, then catching the ball.

Offside: a player is closer to the opponent's goal than the ball and the penultimate defender.

Inside: strike with the inside of the foot for greater effect.

Outfield player: players on the pitch other than goalkeepers.

Lob: to pass the ball over the opposing player, goalkeeper or wall.

Draw: a score of zero or the same number of goals scored.

Midfielder: defensive, lateral, attacking, relay player: the person who connects attackers and defenders.

Wall: Obstacle erected to stop the path of the ball at a free kick.

Decisive pass: the last pass before scoring a goal.

Leg pass: style of dribbling that draws a circle around the ball without touching it.

Penalty: when a foul is committed in the penalty area.

Prolongation: 30 minutes to be played after the 90 minutes of a draw and a need for a winner.

Penalty: when a foul is committed in the penalty area.

Volley: to strike the ball before it falls to the ground.

Penalty area: part of the pitch where a penalty is awarded in the event of a foul.

Sombrero: similar to the lob, but the aim is to keep your opponent at bay.

Tackle: to slide along the ground to deprive opponents of the ball.

Heel kick: using the heel to kick the ball.

Additional time: compensatory time added to make up for stoppages in play.

Regulation time: the duration of a normal 90-minute match, added to that of additional time and probable extra time.

Heading: passing, centering or heading the ball.

Shoot-out: after a draw in extra time, successive shots are taken to decide the winner.

Touche: restarting the match after the ball has gone out to the sides.

Transversal: top and horizontal bar of the goal.

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