Tennis Benches

Would you like to decorate your tennis court with a bench? Are you hesitating between several models? Netsportique, the specialist in tennis court equipment, offers a variety of models to suit your club.

Tennis bench: the essential on your courts

Tennis is an intense sport, with fractioned efforts, which are tiring for the players. It is a need for tennis players to sit down to recover. During an official or friendly match, players have the possibility to take a break between sets, our benches will perfectly meet this need.

The tennis bench is a piece of equipment for conviviality! During training, the players can rest between 2 exchanges while talking about techniques and playing tricks. The benches are usually placed on either side of the umpire's chair. In addition, you will only find benches with several seats, so that at least 2 people can sit down.

This is also the ideal place to put your sports equipment: rackets, balls and water bottles.

100% durable court equipment

Between the PVC (resistant plastic), electro-galvanised steel, aluminium or wooden models; you don't know which to choose! Whichever model you choose, they are all treated to resist outside, they are 100% resistant! Our tennis player benches can stay outdoors all year round. To ensure the longevity of the product, we advise you to fix them to the ground, to avoid them catching the wind and breaking prematurely.

Tennis club: a perfect advertising visual for your sponsors

All tennis associations or the biggest tennis clubs have sponsors. They are important, theyallow the clubs to equip themselves with equipment, sometimes too expensive. Most of them are local companies, or national groups, who make donations, and wish to show their commitment to the club, by being visible on advertising media.

You can choose between 3 models:

Of course, these benches arealso available without advertising, or to be made by you.

How do you put your sponsors in the spotlight? Ask for their logo(s) and our team of professionals will take care of placing the stickers for you, take advantage of it and send us your files in vectoral quality to

Tennis bench for courts and gardens

Our benches are not only for the practice of tennis, to be put exclusively on the outdoor courts. On the contrary! The sleek design will allow you to place them in your clubhouse, to watch the broadcasting of international tournaments. It is also very much appreciated by spectators in a sports centre or in sports halls.

They will also look great in your gardens, on the terrace, or in a veranda. The garden bench will allow you to relax, with extra cushions, you can even allow yourself to take a nap in the sun.

Netsportique's little tips:

Would you like to save money? Ask your sponsors to order the outdoor tennis benches, or part of them, in exchange for advertising!

They are better fixed in the ground: once you have found the ideal position and access to the courts is clear, you can screw them into the ground to prevent them from moving.

Rather buy tennis pro, or amateur; we have the solution for you with innovative, performance-oriented equipment. At an attractive price, our benches areapproved and tested by the whole team, with an additional 10% discount for clubs. Game, set and match! Buy THE bench that will seat future great tennis players!