Volleyball Posts

In order to be in the best possible shape when playing volleyball, it is imperative to have sports facilities worthy of the name and, above all, a quality pitch. A net at the right height, solid posts, in short, a complete range of volleyball equipment to progress in optimal conditions. Don't let old equipment spoil your progress!

Netsportique gives you the solution with top quality volleyball posts at unbeatable prices! So don't wait any longer and come and visit our online shop to enjoy top quality products all year round and progress towards victory!

A wide range of choices of mobile volleyball posts for all levels

It is important for us to be able to offer you a lot of choices and many different possibilities to dress your pitch. We are aware that each club has different arrangements in terms of sports facilities. Some have their own gymnasium; other clubs must share it with other communities or sports associations. It is therefore up to Netsportique to adapt by offering you a multitude of choices to ensure the best possible compromise!

So you have a choice of different materials, different shapes, mobile or to be socketed, and for different levels of practice. From beginners to professionals and leisure activities, there is something for everyone! Among all our models, you can find:

Steel offers strength and robustness always! It is also a guarantee of stability, and therefore necessarily the life span is optimised with this material. Galvanised steel posts will be perfect for clubs that play at a good level, preferably indoors. On the other hand, for more common use outdoors, choose stainless aluminium which will not rust and will resist all weather conditions. Lightness coupled with good stability for use over several years. Perfect for schools.

Wall volleyball posts will be used by those who lack space, the posts can therefore be fixed to the walls for definite space saving. We also have multi-sports posts, which thanks to their thickness and adjustable nets, allow you to cover several fields and therefore practice several sports.

Most of our posts are transportable, allowing them to be assembled and disassembled in just a few minutes. They’re a must for schools and amateur clubs!

Volleyball experts at your service!

We offer you a wide range of equipment for all uses, depending on your intensity of practice. This is notably the case for our range of volleyball posts for professional clubs. It would be inconceivable to offer you average equipment that you would not be able to use in the right conditions. Therefore we always strive to offer you the best. The expertise of our teams in volleyball allows us to constantly improve and above all to be as close as possible to the real needs of volleyball players.

We also have our products regularly tested by a panel of professional players who give us feedback to improve our products. This is essential in the manufacturing and design process of our products. Our volleyball posts are therefore of very good quality, with an optimum lifespan and comply with European EN 749 standards, allowing clubs to make an investment over many years, which will enable them to progress in optimal conditions.

100% quality volleyball net post at low price

Safety is Netsportique's priority. All our posts are in accordance with European standards, which allows the practice of volleyball in complete safety! Club budgets can sometimes be limited, which is why we offer the best possible value for money. You will thus be able to progress in good conditions and allow your teams to climb mountains!

The sheaths and struts with which the posts are supplied guarantee optimal stability of the posts, they will be rigid. Defenders will be able to have a good time when going over the opposing attackers, the net will not move, we offer a resistance to any test. Our posts are also easy to put down and install, playing volleyball will now be child's play!

Whether you are in a school, a club, a competition or a leisure activity, you will find what you are looking for in our volleyball posts section. Your courts will be perfectly marked out with our round posts, no more hassle thanks to our Volley equipment!

Accessories to complete your volleyball courts

As safety and optimal playing conditions are our priority, we offer a wide selection of accessories to complement your volleyball equipment. With these accessories you will be able to combine several of your equipment together and thus be able to benefit from an ultra-complete volleyball court.

We provide you with several protectors for volleyball posts so that the posts are completely secure. This will allow your wing attackers to attack and dunk the volleyballs as hard as possible without risk of injury, no matter what the level of your team. It is also possible to delimit your volleyball court in the best possible way so that you’re playing surface is clear and distinct, especially when you have teams of young players!

No more worries, don't fear relegation with Netsportique’s volleyball equipment! Our teams of experts are there to provide you with a personalised purchasing guide and they are there to listen to you daily to help you through the process of purchasing volleyball equipment. We also provide a top-quality delivery service so that you can use your goods as quickly as possible! Opt for our volleyball posts to have the best sports facilities in the region!

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