School sports equipment: the best equipment for children!

Whatever the sport, school is one of the main learning grounds for children, and sport is no exception! That's why local authorities, town halls and schools need to be rigorous when it comes to investing in the sports equipment and facilities they use to delight children... and why not create vocations!

That's why Netsportique strives on a daily basis to provide local authorities, town halls and schools with quality sports equipment at the best market price. The public sector has to be able to afford it, so you can be sure you'll always find the best value for money.

Don't worry, we've put together a comprehensive guide to buying sports equipment for your schools! Here are our must-haves.

Team sports: which sports equipment to choose?

Field equipment: goals, posts, nets...

Although we specialize in soccer, Netsportique makes a point of offering its expertise in the world of sports equipment to its customers. Our teams want everyone to be able to practice the sport they want in optimal conditions, thanks to the right equipment. We also know that schools offer a wide range of disciplines for children's culture.

We sell soccer goals, mini soccer goals, indoor and outdoor basketball hoops, handball goals, tennis posts and nets, badminton and volleyball nets. Rugby equipment and many other items that will delight directors, teachers and, above all, young athletes!

Boundaries: studs, cones, hedges...

To supervise children during sports lessons or recess, and above all to help them learn and understand the rules of a sport, it's important to clearly demarcate the playing fields. Indeed, without visual reference points and a clearly defined space in which to play and practice a sport, children are unlikely to progress in terms of motor skills and understanding of space.

Netsportique offers a wide range of studs, cones, implants and ground markers to help you create the right sports and practice area for your pupils' sport.

What indoor equipment should you choose for your school grounds?

Almost all schools have access to a gymnasium, whether simply during the winter months, or even all year round for some schools, so that sports can continue to be practiced in the best possible conditions. To enable schools to be equipped indoors too, Netsportique provides indoor equipment.

These include

  • Handball or Futsal goals, in aluminum or steel, in transportable or in-ground versions, there's something for everyone!
  • Shooting walls are also available for perfecting your shooting skills.
  • Not forgetting our indoor and outdoor essentials: hurdles, hoops, stakes, scoreboards...

Refereeing: stopwatch, whistle, etc...

As with any supervised activity, the school is governed by rules, and sports lessons and breaks are an integral part of this. That's why we offer you a wide range of refereeing products, so you can let off steam in the best possible conditions!

These include: stopwatches, whistles, scoreboards, referee flags, player change boards and corner posts.

Collective and team games: sport chasubles and bibs

As in all team sports where two teams play against each other, it's vital that each player can distinguish his teammates from the opponents he's up against. So it's important to have a visual cue to mark the difference.

This is easy to do, since we provide schools with a wide range of chasubles and bibs in different colors and sizes.

Early learning and motor skills equipment

Motor skills equipment

Once a child is old enough to walk and move around in space, he or she will need to work on their bodily motor skills. Good motor control is important in all sports. Skills such as balance, coordination, relaxation and speed are essential if a child is to perform well in any sport.

All these skills can be acquired through exercises that bring all these qualities into play. That's why our teams have come up with a whole range of products that will enable you to do just that, and boost your skills tenfold! It's not for nothing that our motto is "made by players for players"!

Motor skills and early-learning games

In order to offer children motor skills games, you need to combine fun with learning. A mix of group games to encourage mutual aid, complicity and solidarity, and coordination/speed exercises to help children develop their motor skills.

For example, we offer a wide range of ground markers, studs and cones to demarcate areas for team games such as sparrowhawk, dodgeball, cat game, etc. For these team games, our chasubles and bibs will also be needed.

And then we have a wide range of multi-purpose equipment to really get children working on their motor skills, such as hoops, stakes, hurdles, rhythm ladders, studs and cones.

Safety equipment for young children on the pitch

Suitable equipment: mini goal, ball, children's goal, etc.

It goes without saying that safety is paramount at school! All our goals comply with EN 748, the European standard for soccer goals. All our products are systematically tested before leaving the factory, and the materials used are 100% safe.

What's more, we take care to supply equipment that offers genuine safety guarantees for children's sporting activities. You'll find, for example, elasticground markers to prevent skidding, much safer than simple studs. You'll also find flexible or foam hurdles, ladders and a wide range of paramedical products.

Childhood and adolescence are periods of physical and psychological development, so it's important to develop a range of qualities through sports lessons, both purely physical and in terms of human relations. Netsportique's teams are driven by the desire to provide local authorities, town halls and schools with the best equipment to play an active part in the development of young people.

By being as close as possible to the needs of sports enthusiasts, Netsportique is able to offer you top-quality sports equipment, always at the most competitive price!

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