Sport at home: how to train at home?

Are you a sporty person who wants to keep active at home? Playing sports at home is a great way to keep fit and in good spirits, whatever the circumstances. But what can you do at home? Here's our advice on the exercises you can do on your own or with your family, and the equipment you'll need to exercise safely.

What sports exercises can I do at home?

To help you get back into shape at home, here are a few standard exercises that you can use to set up your own fitness or bodybuilding program.

Bodyweight training

Bodyweight training involves exercises where the only resistance is the weight of your own body. This implies the non-use of any other loads such as dumbbells or kettlebells. So, among the benchmark exercises are :

  • push-ups: highly effective for building upper-body strength
  • squats: to strengthen the glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings
  • chair exercises: for building thigh muscles
  • back extensions: to strengthen the back
  • plank: use this exercise to work on your core.

Strengthening with elastic bands

You can do strength training at home using an elastic band . By placing the elastic band at knee level, in a seated position, you can spread and bend your legs as many times as you like to work the glutes. Try including the"Fire Hydrant " in your home gym sessions: in the quadruped position on a floor mat, with your legs bent at 90° and the elastic at thigh level, you raise your knee to the side, trying to pull on the elastic. In return for your pain, you'll get a shapely buttock.

Cardio or strength training?

Still at home, you can practice cardio-training, a workout that promotes the proper functioning of your cardio-respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Here's a comprehensive compilation of 3 movements:

  • Jumping rope is the best way to burn calories.
  • There's also the jumping jack
  • and if you're feeling braver, you can do burpees, which are very effective.

Gym, mobility and stretching: with or without equipment

To complete your sports training at home, don't forget to do some mobility or stretching. This is the perfect opportunity to work on your versatility and turn to gymnastics or pilates. To be done outside your training sessions, you can stretch your muscles. You'll gain in flexibility and mobility for greater range of motion. It's a good idea to do them whatever your sport. All you need is a gym mat or yoga mat at home and off you go. To gradually increase difficulty, you may need small balls and a magic circle for pilates, and a strap for stretching.

Working on balance and proprioception: what's the point?

Proprioception, balance... terms that sound frightening at first, but which are essential to your progress, whatever your sport. If you play racket sports such as tennis or badminton, you'll need to work with a physiotherapist to prevent upper-body injuries. If you play soccer, fitness equipment such as the Bosu or a balance board will enable you to work on your balance and your joints, particularly the ankles, to strengthen them.

If you play soccer, you may also want to take the opportunity to perfect your coordination, using rhythm ladders or coordination hoops.

Family sport at home: how to have fun together at home?

Having trouble motivating yourself? Involve your family, have fun with your kids... why not invite them to your home gym sessions?

What exercises should you do with your children?

Children are impatient and love to move. So it's a good idea to focus on moving or motor skills exercises, preferably set to music. You can also invent animal-inspired movements to entertain them.

What sports can you play in your garden?

If you've got a big enough garden, it's the perfect place for a morning jog. Take several laps around the house with your children. A game of soccer is also a great way to let off steam and have a good time together!

There's always a way to get fit from home. Before you start your sessions, make sure you set up your "sports room" and don't forget to provide water or fruit juice for the little ones after each session.

You now have all the tools you need to stay in shape, thanks to a wide range of exercises, with or without training equipment. Bodybuilding, fitness, strengthening, cross-training... you've got a whole range of exercises to try out to help you progress in your chosen sport. It's up to you!

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