Catch Ball 2 gloves + Ball

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✅ Racket scratch game, set of 2, with ball! The rackets are self-gripping, for a good grip on the ball.
✅ The back allows you to hang your hand with an adjustable lanyard. Can be adapted to a child's or adult's hand.
✅ For children, it's a great coordination exercise.
✅ A must-have outdoor game, for the beach, the park, the garden.
✅ Have fun with family and friends.


Discover our range of outdoor games! Our snowshoes are very durable, with foam handles for a better grip.

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4.5 (2 avis)
  • Ludivine Borgne
    jeu. 4 août 2022
    (translated from French) It's a really educational item, it allows youngsters to discover their motor skills and improve their precision! It's interesting, it's a product we use a lot in nursery schools.
  • Amir Dubuk
    mer. 23 mars 2022
    (translated from French) It's a great product, we use it with our young tennis players, it's a great warm-up exercise for movement and reading ball trajectories.
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