Badminton set - 3x1.2m - quick assembly, transportable

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✅ Fiberglass badminton net, lightweight, easy to carry and very quick to set up.
Length: 3m Height: 1.20m
✅ Ultra-fast delivery: in 3 open days!
✅ Fiberglass rods for lightness and ease of bending; durable and strong PVC
✅ Ideal product to play badminton easily and quickly anywhere!


Want to play badminton easily anywhere? Try our 3mx1.20m net, which is ultra-resistant and durable thanks to its fiberglass rods 🏸


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4.4 (5 avis)
  • Valentin Doppler
    lun. 17 oct. 2022
    (translated from French) Not the best product in the world, but it does have the merit of being inexpensive and sufficiently fun!
  • Kerim El bejri
    jeu. 5 mai 2022
    (translated from French) Good product for children
  • Vianney Lehmann
    ven. 4 févr. 2022
    (translated from French) Well-built and well-designed, it's great to be able to take it with you wherever you go. It's easy to assemble, and great for the garden in summer.
  • Hector Baladur
    ven. 28 janv. 2022
    (translated from French) Innovative product! Very light, easy to assemble and dismantle, it really lets you spend some quality time with your loved ones!
  • Roger Louineaux
    lun. 18 oct. 2021
    (translated from French) Good for vacations
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