Reignite Your Resolutions!

Reignite Your Resolutions!

As January comes to a close, the inevitable abandonment of New Year’s resolutions so often follows suit despite the very best intentions! At Netsportique, we’ve decided not to surrender to January Blues but instead to encourage you to embrace a new sport and reignite those sporty resolutions!

There’s nothing better than joining a new team sport to keep you motivated with players counting on you and cheering you on, and Netsportique offers the necessary means to these ends! Whether you’re considering basketball and fancy some pre-game home practise with a freestanding basketball hoop or if over the holiday season you’ve let your fitness slip and require some training material to inspire movement, Netsportique has got you covered! With many of our products at discount price after the busy holiday period, there’s no better time to snap up some sporting equipment to ensure resolutions don’t go awry..!

If it’s an entire team you’re looking to motivate after a lethargic holiday period, our eclectic range of training material will inspire you to reinvent repetitive practises and re-energise your players. Looking to recruit new players for the year?  Why not open with inflatable defender mannequins that can become the focus of try outs to add a fun, authentic match experience that is sure to attract new players!

For clubs with a smaller budget, check out our endless range of agility ladders, cones, markers to organise your players and feel free to ask directly for a quote to benefit from Netsportique’s 10% discount for all teams and clubs by simply clicking here.

For individuals to benefit from 10% off the entire first order, head to our homepage to sign up to our newsletter for your discount code and to avoid missing future Netsportique deals and giveaways! Let 2019 be the year of your team!

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