Don't be a dummy; get an inflatable defender!

Don't be a dummy; get an inflatable defender!

Always racking your brain for inventive training exercise ideas? Well, not on our watch! Netsportique has the piece of football equipment that will provide you and your team with hours of fun: our inflatable defender dummies! Here’s just a few ways you can put your newest team member to the test!

Once you’ve filled the base of your inflatable dummy with water and pumped him up well, you’re good to go with injury-free football training for amateur or professional teams! If turn out to practise is poor, drag your dummies in front of the goal using the side handles and voilà – a new line of unrelenting defence! Similarly, you can easily slide them further into the goal to add a unique element to football target practise and free kicks.

If you’re looking to warm up the team, simply line up your defenders for an intense slalom practise with or without a ball – there’s no cutting corners when you have a full sized dummy blocking you! Dodge around the defenders for an authentic match experience safe in the knowledge that they are crampon resistant and made of commercial grade PVC so bad weather is no longer an excuse to avoid training!

Spice up your practise equipment by choosing our inflatable defenders available in two sizes for both little and youth leagues of any sport! Step up the intensity and the fun with easy to use mannequins that can be quickly transported around the pitch to facilitate numerous exercises. Durable and resistant, Netsportique’s dummies are guaranteed to last you the test of time and wear so what’s stopping you?

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