Quel lanceur de ballon foot choisir ? Powapass ou Ball Launcher

Quel lanceur de ballon foot choisir ? Powapass ou Ball Launcher

At Netsportique, we’ve developed two revolutionary ball launchers that tailor to medium or high-level football training in both their design and price; the POWAPASS and the Ball Launcher. An accessory used by the biggest clubs, ball launchers in general are designed to help practise technical skills through repetition to train players intensely for specific situations.

With a ball launcher, there’s nothing stopping you from training like professional teams by customising exercises for goalkeepers and outfield players alike such as dives, passes, headers… All you need to do is move your machine to the desired place and set up to prepare corner, attack, defence or free-kick practise; position, program, fire, REPEAT!

Which model is the best for my club?

Let’s start with the Powapass.

The stand out pro of this model is its affordability for all clubs. A sturdy, effective machine, the Powapass sits on a base to facilitate pivoting to make changing the ball firing angle easier.  You have the choice between 5 speeds going from 3 to 44 mph; the first being the weakest and the 5th for longer, cross-field shots or for more experienced teams. It is the ultimate football training accessory to mix up training and test out various exercises without wasting time setting up or losing balls over the fence!

Technical information:

  • Battery working engine: charge for 3-4 hours for 4 hour battery life
  • Can adjust speed with 5 settings, ranging from 3 to 44mph


  • Different modes available: manual or automatic on repeat
  • Ball support holding up to 5 balls of size 4 or 5
  • Ability to adjust launch angle, frequency, speed and direction
  • Remote control included to use at a distance: no need for constant manual ball feed
  • Affordability

Things to consider:

  • Does not come with wheels so requires 2 people for transportation
  • No spin on the ball

Next up, the Ball Launcher

Of our two models, the Ball Launcher is our higher quality ball launcher in both price and style through its superior ability to curve the ball that the Powapass does not facilitate. For better mobility, the machine is set on 4 wheels to allow for quick movement around the pitch. Speed is adjustable using a button and ranges between 5 and 80 mph for hardcore shots suitable for mature and professional clubs.

Technical information:

  • Battery working with a similar charge of 3-4h allowing 4h of play
  • A slightly heavier machine weighing 42kg (counteracted by wheels)


  • Suitable for size 3, 4 or 5 footballs and handballs
  • Speed adjustable between 5-80mph for all levels of player
  • Can add spins to the ball such as curves, curls, back spins, swingers, knuckle balls, rapid fire!
  • Chunky wheels for easy transportation, even in mud
  • Compact size to fit in the boot of even the smallest cars
  • Very fast, simple set up

Things to consider:

  • Necessary to have someone feeding in the balls
  • No remote mode

Whatever your needs, you will undoubtedly find the ball launcher to suit your club! Send your questions our way at info@netsportique.uk or even give us a call on +44 (0) 330 822 0209 to speak with one of our friendly team members who will be able to advise you on our range of products. At Netsportique, we’re all about great customer service and that’s why all of our products are manufactured to European standards as well as being further tested by our own team.

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