The Rise of Bubble Football

Yes, that’s right, bubbles!

You may have heard of Bubble Football before, as it is sometimes referred to as Zorbing or Zorbball. Either way, you will definitely recognise it when you see it, because the team ‘kit’ is unmistakable! Each player wears a giant inflatable bubble around them, leaving their legs free to run around and kick the ball. As you can probably imagine, this makes a regular game of football much more interesting and far more hilarious, as players bounce off one another, roll around on the floor and sometimes manage to get the ball in the goal!

The rules are exactly the same as a normal game of football – but the play is not. Once the whistle blows, the two opposing teams – marked out by different coloured bubbles – collide and that’s where the fun starts! The game does not have a set number of players but it is definitely more fun when played in large groups –as this inevitably causes more chaos on the pitch!

Aside from being fantastic fun for adults, there is the added benefit of safety from this low-risk sport, especially for children.  Now you don’t have to worry about rough tackles or scraped elbows, meaning even the most nervous of players can go for the ball without fear.  As you bounce back to your feet in a giant bubble, you’ll wonder why you ever played football ‘bubble-free’ before! The additional padded shoulder straps in two different sizes ensure a comfortable play. Also, the material TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) is extremely durable and robust unlike other bubbles made of simple PVC.

Even we have jumped on the Scandinavian trend; at Netsportique, we offer our own Zorb Bubbles for children and adults, meaning football lovers of all ages can try out this inventive new take on a beloved sport. Bubble sport is perfect for parties and other social events like team building exercises, birthdays, stag-dos and hen parties or even office socials – it is the perfect way to blow off steam and bring people together.

So why not have a look at our site to see if Bubble Football is for you?